Interesting Facts About American Airlines That You Probably Don’t Know

As you all know that American Airlines is the largest airlines in the world. The Airlines operates both domestically and internationally. However the Airlines have been in public’s eyes for a long time yet there are some facts that many people don’t know. So here is a list of some facts that you probably don’t know about American Airlines-

  • American Airlines earns 50% of its revenue from people who fly once a year or less than that. It sounds shocking but that’s the truth that it doesn’t earn much from the frequent flyers who has airlines cards or premium passes.
  • American Airlines “basic Economy” service was introduced for the sole purpose to compete not with some other major airlines but with low-budget airlines like Spirit and Frontier. As these low budget airlines tend to provide its customers with low budget fares on the same destination on which American charges a higher fare.
  • You might think American’s biggest competitor is Delta or United but in reality its Spirit and Frontier Airlines
  • American Airlines is world’s largest airlines in terms of fleet size and revenue generation. And also acquires the second position in number of destination served after United Airlines which blocks the first spot.
  • After it was founded in 1930 it came across many mergings, and US Airways being the latest one, making it an alliance of 82 separate airlines.
  • It is the first airlines which actually flew carrying people on board. Before that it used to carry only mails from one place to another.
  • Now it’s a common thing to hear about airport lounges which help passengers relax away from the crowd. But do you know that American Airlines was the first one to introduce the system of airport lounges at New York’s LaGuardia Airport formerly known as Admirals Club.
  • American Airlines used to lend their planes to film makers for free. One such incident was lending of one carrier to producers of ‘Three Guys Named Mike’ in 1951 and also provided advertisement for the film.
  • It was the first one to hire a female pilot unlike any other airlines. The pilots name was Bonnie Tiburzi.
  • Its current headquarters of two large buildings in Texas comprises of 1.4 million square feet. It requires over 4000 employees for maintenance.
  • It became the first Airline to offer online bookings. Today its common among travelers to book tickets online but it wasn’t way until American Airlines introduced the first Electronic Booking Program by the name Sabre.
  • It is very conscious about the environment. In 2002 the airlines decided to start saving water by recycling water and use it for washing planes, rinsing tanks and irrigation and this step has helped them save millions of dollars.
  • It has gone through 20 slogan change in its entire run time. It’s first slogan was “America’s Leading Airlines” and currently it is using “Going For Great”.

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